Reminiscing Europe and Travels

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner! Happy long weekend, y’all!

It’s been over a year since that fateful last day in July when I left my job in San Francisco. The dream was to spend more time with my family (in Los Angeles) and to see as much of the world as I can under a budget. While I was dreaming of it, I didn’t do any solo traveling. Maybe it was my lack of courage or the lack of research to prepare. In either case, it didn’t happen, something I have come to regret right now.

I’m soon going back to the working world and starting a new job in Mountain View. While I am very excited to go back to working with people and having a steady income, I do very much reminisce the freedom I had this past year. Writing in this travel blog was a #fail but not as big of a fail that I feared. At least I got all my Canadian hikes written down! However, Europe was a lot for me, and we didn’t have as much chill time to allow me to blog. Why was that?? Oh I dunno.. I needed a table to be typing on!

This Labor Day weekend, I’m taking a small trip to San Luis Obispo, just a short 4 hours south from the SF Bay. This will not be my first time there, but it has been about 4 years since my last visit, so I’m looking forward to it.

STILL! I have an active goal to go through our Jokailiphinathan travels and share them here. No promises when the travels will be completed, but they shall be!

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