JEEV: Where have we been?

Today, I began to sort through past travel photos from our epic 2017 Europe trip. The idea was to begin picking out photos to edit and share them out. As I started looking through the photos, nearly 2 years post-trip, it dawned on me that I have entirely forgotten where we went! I definitely remember all the major cities like Vienna, Venice, Florence, but I had forgotten about Verona, Lago di Garda, and the sleepy party town of Rimini.

I found this website that can generate a dynamic map of the route you likely may have taken, and because our trip was so long (2 months), it took me very long to enter all the destinations. (I was only able to do this thanks to Google Maps history.)

So, I’m super happy to share with you our JEEV adventure map!

I now feel super energized to start blogging about where we’ve been and go through the nostalgia once again! Happy bloggin.